LAHORE - The quarters concerned have taken notice of the categorical statement made by disgruntled MQM leader Kamal Mustafa about Indian agency RAW’s funding to Muttahida.

A highly reliable source in the government says the national security operatives are in action after such a main leader of the MQM who had closely been in loop in important affairs of the party had refreshed the charges that RAW was funding it and training its people. The source says the statement is quite sensitive and the quarters concerned will well look into its veracity though charges of RAW’s funding to MQM were previously blatantly levelled by target killer Saulat Mirza, former PPP home minister Zulfiqar Mirza, an SSP of the Sindh police and others.

The source says Pakistan has already provided dossiers to India on RAW’s involvement in sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan, Karachi and other parts of the country to the United Nations and America, which has exposed the Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan at the international level. He says not much can be shared on this matter on account of sensitivity of the matter.

It may be mentioned that the dossiers given to India pertained to the funding, training and supply of weapons by RAW to the separatist organizations in Balochistan. The issue that RAW had contacts with, and has been supplying funds to, a mainstream political party in the country to create unrest, panic and terror in Karachi has never been brought so clearly into the notice of the world.

Mustafa Kamal accused PPP leader Rehman Malik of acting closely with the Muttahida leaders having information of India-MQM alleged nexus. The PPP leader has strongly reacted to it while people on the ruling side are speaking little and carefully on the issue. The MQM leaders have also refuted Kamal’s allegations as his concoction to malign the party and its leadership.

In view of political experts, the words of Mustafa Kamal carry more weight than those who levelled similarl allegations as they were not able to get direct information of what was going on in the party. Kamal had been deputy convener of the party and the Karachi nazim before he resigned as an MQM senator and left the party in 2013. As such he ranks more closely with the top leadership than those who levelled similar allegations earlier.

Mustafa Kamal alleged RAW had been funding the MQM over the last 20 years. During that period, different parties ruled the country. He alleged they knew this fact. Experts say the charges Kamal levelled will carry conviction only after concrete proofs and evidence for which he may be interrogated by the probe agencies. No matter for what reason he levelled the charges the facts of the matter need to be fathomed otherwise it will continue to poison our politics and allow a foreign state to keep interfering in our internal matters with sinister designs, they add.

Nothing has so far been taken up on diplomatic front while the silence may be broken after the allegations are proven, they conclude.