LAHORE - Following the footsteps of Iranian, the anonymous philanthropists and a religious party set up “Wall of Kindness” in various cities of Pakistan including Lahore.

With splash paint and addition of few hooks, a Wall of Kindness encourages people to donate things they no longer need for deserving.

The unique idea of charity first introduced in neighbor country and received worldwide appreciation. There are walls of kindness across Iran.

After Peshawar, Punjab University students had painted a wall to attract philanthropists few days back in the city but the trends now getting fame everywhere.

Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen, a religio-political party, set up walls of kindness in Lahore and other cities at a time when other religious parties are busy in protest demonstrations against women protection bill and Mumtaz Qadri execution. Some walls in different areas of the city like Muslim Town, Model Town, Johar Town etc were set up by anonymous citizens.

If you have some extra cloths, shoes, hand bags or other things and you don’t need them anymore you can leave them at “Walls of Kindness” for needy people and you can also pick anything from the wall if you need it.

At a time when people of Pakistan have to hear news of terror, protests, bomb blasts and dirty politics on daily basis, the initiative taken by individual levels and from on a political party is widely appreciated.

“People of Pakistan are generous more than any other nation in world. They donate open heartedly whenever needed. Whether you take the example of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospitals, worst earthquake or massive flash floods which made millions homeless in Pakistan, the countrymen set shining examples of generosity,” said Dr Munawar Sabir, a professor of geography at Punjab University.

He appreciated the MWM for setting a good example for other religio-political parties who mainly focus in politics of agitation rather to take initiatives for people’s welfare.

“It is the need of the hour that Pakistani show their positive image to world through such initiatives. The world should know we are great nation,” he said.