The recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan has resulted into the much know reaction from the security establishment and the government by pointing fingers at ‘external enemies’. Every time a terrorist attack occurs in Pakistan, we hear that the safe heavens in Afghanistan and the connivance of Indian spy agencies with terrorist’s elements are responsible for it. What steps have the government taken against these external threats are not know, except condemning them.

We should learn lessons from the outside world in order to exterminate this menace from our country. First, India adopted a stubborn policy towards Pakistan, when it named evidence present in Pakistan for Mumbai attacks. India almost halted all relations with us in order to press Pakistan to act vigorously against terrorists, despite some unfounded allegations. Second, the US president-elect, Donald Trump, banned the entry of citizens of eight Muslim countries into US for fearing them of being involved in terrorist activities. Third, the Sri Lankan government takes a decisive operation against the Tamil Tigers for being involved in sabotage and separatist’s activities. All these steps have proven to be conducive in bringing peace and security in their respective countries.

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary efforts. There is a need to keep our own house in order instead of pointing fingers to external elements. It seems that all our previous efforts like forming NACTA, NAP, CTD etc, have failed to achieve any success against terrorism in the country. Pakistan should sever its ties with Afghanistan and must press it hard to act against the safe sanctuaries of terrorists inside their country. Pakistan should ensure the early repatriation of afghan refugees and seal its border against the entry of unregistered persons. The security establishment should ensure a vigorous watch inside the country and should bring the officials to books, in whose jurisdiction a terrorist attack occurs. Moreover, the military should take a decisive action against the terrorists of all hues and colours to get rid of this menace once and for all.


Peshawar, February 17.