ISLAMABAD - After the PPP and some other parties opposed the timeframe for extension to military courts, the matter may be resolved in the joint sitting of parliament.

“The government may not be able to resolve the matter to extend tenure of military courts for two more years in the upcoming National Assembly session and it would have to summon a joint session of parliament for it,” parliamentary sources told The Nation.

The PPP’s opposition to extend military courts for two more years may force the government to call a join sitting of parliament for resolution of the issue. 

As the PPP in its APC has decided to oppose the duration of extending military courts and propose an amendment in this regard. The PPP will also share its proposed draft with other political forces.

The government side, in the upcoming National Assembly session starting from Monday (6th March), will wait for the PPP’s draft on duration of military courts.

The constitutional amendment about extension of military courts may be presented in the mid of upcoming National Assembly session. Unlike the PPP, PTI and MQM have extended support to the government for extension of military courts for two more years.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), despite being an opposition party, will fully support the government about its decision for extending the tenure of military courts for two years. “MQM will not support PPP about changes in duration for extension of military courts,” sources in MQM shared with The Nation.

”Although MQM has several reservations on different issues, yet the party will not oppose extension of military courts for two more years,” said a member of MQM desiring not to be named.

MQM had also participated only in the All Parties Conference (APC) organised by the government, as despite giving invitation the party did not participate in the PPP sponsored APC.

While on other hands, the government has also asked all treasury members to ensure their presence in the upcoming National Assembly session.

Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar, a couple of days before, had said that extension of military courts is imperative to flush out terrorism from the country.

Political analysts viewed that the government’s bigwigs outside the parliament will also make efforts to convince PPP to accept its proposal. There might be a little change in duration of extension proposed by the government to placate PPP, they said. Otherwise, the matter will be dealt in the joint session of parliament.