Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has become more and more visible in news reports. In the lastest update she aims to bring new and innovative technology to help the country keep at par with the new digital age. In doing so she has called to introduce the Automation System of Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), enabling the media and government to explore potential proposals and creative ideas that enable greater credibility to media systems.

The modern technology for higher automation and computerisation of ABC aims to ensure authentic circulation data. Advertisers use audit reports to compare and evaluate advertising opportunities, and most national and regional advertisers require audited circulation. Local advertisers look for audited circulation as a mark of credibility and professionalism. The auditing process should be smooth and efficient. The records required for an audit are the same records that are needed for an accountable circulation department. The computerised ABC will help boost sales programs, maximize press runs, and have proven to increase advertising sales.

Audit reports contain a wealth of useful information including average total qualified circulation, a comparison between paid and free distribution, the mode of delivery, access in accordance with geographic breakdowns, and circulation history. The minister emphasized the need to promote positive discourse and an exchange of ideas to streamline the existing process of Audit Circulation through facilitation and team building.

Once the online system is in place, it will not only be beneficial for the media industry but will promote good governance. Such a system cannot be put into motion without training and capacity building, which will be carried out in different phases of the project for regional and local Newspapers. The minister should be appreciated for finally trying to upgrade the current systems in place. If the KP government can computerise much of its existing data and other services, the Punjab government has the means to do much more. It only needs political will to make a change.