KAMALIA-Military courts extension is not a matter of concern for those who have never been involved in any irregularity or corruption.

“Only those parties are afraid of the military courts , which have been involved in corruption, embezzlement or their leaders are facilitators of terrorists.”

Ahle Sunnat Waljamaat President Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi stated while talking to the media here at Jamia Farooqia the other day.

He pointed out that it must be very clear that the elements opposing the military courts are actual those who are against the CPEC and hell bent-on linking Kashmir freedom struggle to terrorism.

He said that security of the PSL should not be made a big issue as Pakistan Army is capable of providing security to any event, adding a match can be organised anywhere in the country as the nation will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the law enforcement agencies to foil conspiracies of the enemy.

He also criticised the political and religious leaders for creating provincialism and radicalism among their followers, saying it is contrary to patriotism and against the national integrity. He said that operations against terrorism are for safety of people of Pakistan no matter what name for the operation is adopted. To a question, he said that those who demand rangers or army operation in Punjab are unaware of the fact that majority of the covert operations against terrorism are conducted in Punjab province.Maulana Abdul Hafeez Rashidi, Maulana Qari Lutfullah Ludhianvi, Qari Habibullah and Qari Muhammad Aslam Farooqi were also present on the occasion.