LAHORE - Pakistan will raise objection on construction of three hydel projects on River Chenab being built by India in Occupied Kashmir as Indus water commissioners of both the countries are set to meet in Islamabad late this month.

The projects, Pakul Dal (1,000MW), Miyar (120MW) and Lower Kalnai (48MW), are on top agenda of the two-day meeting between the Pakistani and Indian water commissioners, said an official of the water and power sector.

The official added that India was violating the Indus Water Treaty in construction of the said projects. Both the countries will also share data of water releases from different barrages in the meeting, according to the official.

He also ruled out the possibility of any big breakthrough after the meeting; however, he termed resumption of talks between the Indus commissioners a good thing.

“The good thing is that the talks are going to be resumed after interval of five months. No extraordinary breakthrough is is a routine annual meeting mandatory under Indus Water Treaty.”

“Ratle and Kishanganga are not on agenda items as Pakistan has already forwarded the case of both the projects to World Bank for arbitration.”

Meeting between the two commissioners was scheduled to be held in September last year but it was postponed due to tension between the two countries. The World Bank had played an important role in resuming the talks.

The annual meeting between the two commissioners is mandatory under the Indus Water Treaty signed between India and Pakistan in 1960.