The residents of Mohabatabad union council in Mardan on Sunday held a protest against thrashing of students by police and blocked the Mardan-Nowshera road.

Led by Mohabatabad union council nazim Muzamil Khan, Haji Bakhatshad Khan and other elected members and elders of the union council, protectors carried banners and placards and raised slogans against the local police and central jail Mardan


The protesters burnt tyres on Mardan-Nowshera road in front of Sheikh Maltoon Town and blocked road for all kind of traffic for several hours and demanded the government to take action against local police jail superintendent.

Talking to the media at this occasion protesters said that Umar a student of 7th class has store outside central jail Mardan. They added that a jail constable named Ahmed bought daily commodities on loan from the mentioned shopkeeper.They added that on Friday the mentioned police constable came to the shop and wanted to buy some things from the shop. They added that Umar and his disable brother Israr demanded him to pay the old loan to them. They added that at this they started quarrelling with each other. They added that later on the constable submitted an application in the Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT) police station.

They said that police arrested Umar and his brother Israr. They added that later on police allegedly hanged the student and his disable brother in the police station and also beat them.

They added that later on union nazim Muzamil Khan, councilor Sadique-r-Rehman, Tehsil council member Ajmal Khan and other elders reached the police station to seek release of  the student from the police station, however the police official told them to settle the matter with  central jail administration.

The Protesters said that the jail administration disgraced the elders and refused to talks with them. They demanded the police chief Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Inspector general of Prison to take notice in this connection. Later on after successful negotiations with deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT) circle the protesters dispersed peacefully.