The attack at the shrine of Sufi, is an attack on peace. Sufis are the symbols of love and their shrines are the centres of peace. Ironically, brutal terrorists are targeting the places such as the great shrine of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, from where the message of peace and tranquillity goes to the whole humanity without distinction of colour, cast or creed. After Lahore, it is the deadliest attack to hit the country so far. The recent series of blasts in Pakistan has proved to be disastrous and the reality is that the terrorists are targeting innocent people, showing that they have no limits. Besides establishing foolproof security in the crowded places, it’s high time to monitor and modify the syllabus of all educational institutions of Pakistan as soon as possible. There must be banned on hate speeches and hate literature. People who promote violence via social media must be sentenced to imprisonment. The Sufi teachings of ‘Rumi’ and ‘Saadi’, should be included as a compulsory subject from early classes so that we can produce a common Pakistani mind having attributes of peace, love and tolerance. 


Hyderabad, Sindh, February 17.