KARACHI -Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday termed Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) a tumour with a suggestion that it cannot be treated and needs to be completely removed.

Kamal expressed these views while addressing a press conference at party headquarters Pakistan House. PSP leaders Anis Qaimkhani, Raza Haroon and others were also present on the occasion.

Talking about the Senate polls held on March 3, the PSP chairman alleged that it was unfortunate that horse trading took place in the election of upper house. He claimed that about 14 members of MQM-P sold their mandate and out of four candidates only one was elected while the rest use the right of vote in favour of provincial ruling party.

He further said that MQM-P members claiming that they didn’t vote party candidate Kamran Tessori due to the frustration or other circumstances could have voted Faroogh Naseem rather than PPP’s candidate. But after voting PPP candidates they were trying their best to fool the public, he added.

Kamal said that it was not the first time these so called stake holder had back off from movement for the rights of people as earlier I had witnessed that on raising voice against the private power company, a briefcase was delivered to London based leadership of MQM. He said that he had no personal enmity with MQM but he could not tolerate sale of mandate of the people which was being practiced since last 30 years. He said that everyone was aware with the current situation of Karachi as there was no clean water to drink.

Further accusing MQM, Kamal said that MQM never raised voice for the rights of Mohajir community while quoting name of Faroogh Naseem, he said that Faroogh Naseem remained a senator for last six year but never raised a voice for rights of the Karachiites.

He further informed that legislators those had remained the part of MQM in past had not resigned from assemblies on the call of MQM and on the Election Day they votes Pakistan Muslim League-Functional candidates.

“I am thankful to Dr Farooq Sattar for his wise decision of breaking ties with PSP otherwise Sattar would have stood nowhere,” said Kamal and asked to Mohajir community not get depressed from the situation saying that PSP has provided a platform through which they will serve county. He said that despite of everything happened “I still invite Farooq Sattar and Khalid Maqbool to come and join hands for betterment for Karachites from the platform of PSP.”

Kamal further said that both federal and provincial governments should not take Karachi for granted and opposed the immoral demarcation of layouts of electoral seats in Sindh by the government.

He said these types of decisions were causing unbearable losses to country. He demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the injustice with the people of Karachi in census.