ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board ex-Director General Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera is confident about his return to the same post through an extension that he has not relinquished his charge and is not only sitting his office but also passing on directives to former subordinates.

Highly placed sources has confirmed that Ganjera is telling everybody that soon the prime minister office would issue directives to grant him extension and he will stay as the PSB DG. Ganjera has retired from the PSB on 28th of last month. But he has been successful in manipulating the PSB Executive Committee and National Assembly Standing Committee meetings on February 27th and the National Assembly Standing Committee in their recommendations to the prime minister for next PSB DG had made tailor-made situation for Ganjera’s return. They only refrain from mentioning Ganjera’s name otherwise the rules and regulations made by the committee are simply backing Ganjera as he holds a PHD degree in sports while had also served as DG for more than 4 years as well.

Four years of corruption

But his tenure would always be remembered as highly controversial and polluted with the corrupt practices and he had also remained suspended on corruption charges for three months. But due to all out backing and unconditional support of IPC Minister Mian Riaz Hussian Pirzda he returned to the post. The IPC minister had resigned in protest on Ganjera’s suspension and then without getting approval from Establishment Division, the minister through the signs of Director National Federations, Muhammad Azam Dar managed to get Ganjera restored as soon the three-month suspension concluded.

He has been allegedly involved in billions of rupees embezzlement to national kitty in different projects. From renovation work of Liaqat Gymnasium to Roshan Khan Complex, from construction of walls to maintenance of Allama Iqbal Hostel, from purchasing air tickets to purchasing of highly substandard tracksuits form a banned company Green Hill, form purchasing highly costly shoes to renovation of Jinnah Stadium, from passing on benefits to his native Sargodha people to involvement in number of dubious activities, there are a lot of stories of corruption and misuse of authority on Ganjera’s part. Ganjera would always be remembered as highly flopped and incompetent DG the Pakistan Sports Board had ever had.

Illegal directives

Sources on condition of anonymity have confirmed to this scribe that Ganejra is not only sitting in his previous office, he is also passing on directives and dictating to DDGs about adjusting his close aides and payments are being made in back dates. When a highly powerful DDG warned others about acting on the illegal orders, this DDG got a shut up call from the IPC Minister. Ganjera is also occupying official car ICT GA 023, the number plate was especially registered as it was also Ganjera’s village in Sargodha and a whopping Rs 150,000 had been paid from national kitty just to get that number registered. He is also using Narowal Sports Complex project Toyota Corolla car with under the table deal with project director. Ganjera is also using official wireless set and passing on orders like he used to during his DG days. Ganjera is also not in a mood to vacate official residence as well, the 5-kanal luxury place, which was allocated for women hostel but Ganjera is residing there not only with his family, but his relatives including sister and others are also enjoying free accommodation and other facilities on government expense . Even Ganjera is also having cows at his residence despite CDA rules clearly bar having cows in the city. But no one can dare to ask Ganjera as he is highly near to IPC Minister, who reasons best known to him not ready to listen anything against him.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal had already taken serious notice of IPC Minister and Ganjera’s collusion for malpractices and an inquiry has been ordered in this regard. But Ganjera is least bothered and quite optimistic about getting the extension .He has also forced DDGs to send his and Syed Habib Shah’s name for the Commonwealth delegation. It was never heard or witnessed in the past that a retired DG and about to retire DDG technical (as Habib Shah is set to retire in May) were given such protocol. Irfan Khan Niazi has also filed a case against Ganjera’s corruption in Islamabad High Court and also filed a written complaint in a police station and held certain persons responsible in case he or his family met with untoward incident as Irfan Niazi was pressurised through different circles including a PTI MNA but he refused to back off from his principle stance and vows to seek justice form court.

When this scribe contacted Director Media Azam Dar to know on what grounds Ganjera is illegally sitting in his former office, Dar said Ganjera had been informed about rules and regulationsand confirmed that Ganejra is still using his official vehicle and hopefully he will return it today (Monday). When asked on what grounds Ganjera and Habib Shah wanted their names to be included in Commonwealth-bound contingent, Dar said he was not aware of that but will check and it is not possible to include Ganejra as he retired.

When this correspondent contacted a high ranked PSB DDG, he on condition of annonimity confirmed that he took strong notice of Ganjera’s illegal activities and he had warned others not to follow his illegal directives. He also confirmed that he is writing a letter in this regard as Ganjera is involved in illegal orders and theyall had to pay a very heavy price for that. He also confirmed that Ganjera is singing orders in back dates and facilitating his blue-eyed persons.

Meanwhile, Ganjer’as blue-eyed journalists had spread the rumours that newly appointed acting DG Aamir Ali Ahmed is not interested in taking over the vacant post and is out of country, but they completely ignored that not only Aamir is very much in the country but he is set to visit the PSB today (Monday) and different DDGs confirmed that Aamir visit is scheduled for today.

The higher authorities should take the notice of all these illegal activities in the PSB and should not allow some influential officer to use it as personal property.