A tea seller in Pune is reportedly earning 1.2 million Indian rupees per month and plans to make it to the international market, reported The Quint.

Navnath Yewle says his Yewle Tea House has helped create employment opportunities for the locals. "This business is growing fast and I'm happy," he told Asian News International.

He claims it took him "four years" to come up with the recipe for his tea. "There are a lot of people who do not drink tea, but they don’t get the taste in chai that they should be getting," he says.

"So, after a thorough research of four years, we finalised a quality of tea and are now all set to make a big brand."

The unique selling point, according to the owner, is not just the tea but also the experience of enjoying it at his outlets.

"Elsewhere, you will see people making tea in a huge vessel, but here, we have given it a modern look and dressed our workers well so people have a good tea experience."