KARACHI - Green Media Initiatives Organization in collaboration with Hashoo Foundation on Sunday staged an awareness walk from Karachi Press Club (KPC) to Arts Council of Pakistan in the city against use of plastic items and throwing them in rivers and oceans that is harmful for environment.

The walk participants were of the view ‘say no to single use of plastic’. A group of people, including environment activist Shabina Faraz, social leader Aarif Rehman and media personality Fareeha Fatima were carrying placards and banners, chanting slogans against the use of plastic material. They showed cloth bags to replace plastic bags for good of environment and health of sea life like fish and turtles.

Talking to the media men, Shabina Faraz said that use and wrong dumping of plastic material was a sensitive issue for our society, as it affects the environment. She claimed that at least 55 billion plastic shoppers are being used per year. The government should take action against plastic use and get it replaced by cloth bags, Shabina said.

She claimed that there are about 20 million people in Karachi and every person uses one plastic shopper in a day. She added that use of plastic material is harmful to people and environment, as it also affects species in the oceans. Hasho Foundation leader Arif Rehman said that people in their daily life uses so many plastic materials which are dangerous to environment.

He said: “People throw plastic bottles, shoppers and other material which go into rivers and oceans, affecting water quality and its species.

Green Media representative Fareeha Fatima, “There are many kinds of plastic items used by people in their daily life but mostly people do not throw them at garbage dumping sites.” She said it was a sensitive issue so, people should avoid using such material. They demanded of the government to pay special attention towards use of plastic.