The Taliban used to control Afghanistan, and had a group name Al Qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden. In September 2001, about 3,000 people were killed in 9/11. The United States considered the al Qaeda responsible for this attack. From here, the war began. The US started attacking Afghanistan, and the Taliban began to fight back. Then US troops entered in Afghanistan and hereafter, a major war started that continues to date. Owing to the war in Afghanistan, many civilians have been victim of conflict, alongside US troops and the Taliban themselves.

Due to everyday fighting, the public is rattled. They have been losing precious people as well as infrastructure. It is estimated that over 2,300 civilians have been killed in suicide bombings, with the 1620 being killed by US forces, and around 1,100 by the NATO. In the 17 years’ war, millions of people have suffered. War has been virulent for the public, with many of them been impelled to abandon their domiciles and migrate to other countries. It is now high time for peace in Afghanistan.

There is no victory currently visible, for neither the Taliban nor American forces. It would be better for both to end the war. Several countries like Pakistan, Russia, China and US itself are making efforts to end the war. In 2015, the Taliban and Afghan Government held a direct talk, but the proceedings failed because of Mullah Umer’s death.

Last year in November at Moscow, Russia had a conference with many countries and representatives, including those of the Taliban and the Afghan government. But they could not have positive effect. Moreover, the Taliban and the US had a table talk at Qatar. Another negotiation was going to be conducted at Saudi Arabia, but the Taliban refused because of the Afghan government’s participation in the meeting. As the Taliban consider the Afghan government a puppet, they are not permitting it to participate. Without the participation of the government, they will not be capable of bringing bring peace in Afghanistan. For the process of peace in a country, the government and public both have to cooperate and decide the future.

Another meeting recently took place in Moscow in which Pakistan also participated. The process of peace was discussed, and, according to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, after such table talks they are hopeful for peace. As Pakistan had been successful in bringing Taliban to table talks with the US, it can also strive ensure peace in Afghanistan. However, while Pakistan has been making efforts for Afghan peace, it is self-evident that no one can bring peace in Afghanistan without cooperation of the Afghan government.


Turbat, February 11.