The United States (US) is the disease Palestine is suffering from. This disease is slowly eating it away. It is a disease that is not even curable. The recent damage that the US has inflicted onto to the Palestinian cause has been by shuttering its consulate in Jerusalem. With this move, the US has downgraded the status of its main diplomatic mission to the people of Palestine by folding it into the US Embassy to Israel.

It is not wrong to say that considering the latest US move that the only constant in the lives of Palestinians is the American betrayal of the Palestinian cause. Edward Said had long ago warned the Palestinian leadership of how the Israeli state with America as its chief aide will eat it up wholly. Said’s prophecies are coming true one after another.

Does the move mean nothing politically speaking as the US claims? No, the US action speaks volumes of the political ramifications that the closure of the US consulate will have. The latest move of the Trump administration can be seen as a continuation of their blatantly partisan attitude towards Palestine-Israel issue.

The US was never a neutral negotiator in finding a solution with a win-win situation for both parties. However, in the last one-year the moves of the US has exposed it of being an utter collaborator of the apartheid regime of Israel.

Pompeo claimed last year that the step would have no political meaning for it was a cost-saving measure. However, experts fear that the Trump administration want to create as many hurdles in communication between the US administration and the Palestinian leadership. Hence, as a result, the Palestinians will be having no direct contact with the US administration from now onwards.

Now the Palestinians will have to work with an entity in subordination to the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman – whose hatred for Palestinians is not a secret at all. The explanations and rationales given in the backdrop of merging the US consulate are a façade and sham attempts to cover the disingenuous move.

The merger of the US consulate into the US Embassy to Israel tells Palestinians that the US no longer sees them as separate people. The shifting of the US consulate also adds up to denying the Palestinians independent peoplehood and right to self-determination.

Furthermore, first with recognising Jerusalem and now with winding up the operations of the consulate under the pretext of cost-cutting and achieving efficiency the US is giving quite an open message to the Palestinian people that it no longer thinks of East Jerusalem as occupied territory.