KARACHI         -             The Anti-Corruption Establishment on the instructions of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has registered four FIRs into Rs4.4 billion fraud into Right Bank Outfall Drain-II (LBOD-II) against Chief Engineer /PD RBOD-II Munawar Bozdar, now retired, Waqar Ahmed Qadri SE RBOD-II BPS-19, SE Imran Shaikh, XEN Ghaffar Soomro, AXEN Altaf Memon and 16 others.

The RBOD-II schemes was conceived and streamlined for disposal of drainage effluent from RBOD-I to sea in environmental friendly manner without interference with fresh water boides like Manchar Lake and Indus River.

The project was started in 2003 for Rs14 billion which was latter on revised to Rs29.217 billion and revised again for Rs61.985 billion. ON November 12, 2018 a reference was received from some engineers wherein serious charges of Irregularities in disbursement were levelled.

On the instruction of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah an team of Irrigation department conducted an inquiry into the matter in April 2019. The Planning & Development Department with the approval of the chief minister referred the matter to the Anti-corruption department for necessary action.

The Anti-Corruption Establishment through an inquiry and technical inspection concluded that the so-called expenditures incurred against flood emergent works/flood damages Rs4.482 billion was completely bogus and fraudulent thereby caused huge public exchequer.

Findings of Inquiry: The inquiry findings submitted to Chairman anti-corruption M. Waseem say that Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for bill verification from consultants and its vetting from the concerned forum was not followed.

There was no provision of flood damages in the approved PC-1 of RBOD.

The report says that SPPRA rules and regulations were violated. No tenders were called and even SPPRA rules for emergency award of contract was invoked. Top of it there was no flood like situation in the river during the period in question. The year, 2017 and 18 were flood free year. The flood damages shown in the year 2018 is highly surprising due to reason that in this period the river was not even in a low flood situation.


The inquiry finds that many of the supply orders are issued in the month of May, June and July which is not a flood period. The record of Division-III is not available, except payment vouchers.


The inquiry finds that if there were flood damages in 2017 and 18 and it was necessary to address the damages, the matter should have been discussed in Project Steering Committee and should have been reported to the competent authority and separate funds should have been demanded.


The inquiry finds that most of the contractors to whom payments are made are not regular contractors, having no PEC certificate, having no history/experience of carrying out such nature of work.


The inquiry report says that while scrutinizing the record of original works, it emerged that then Superintendent Engineer (SE) RBOD Mr Imran Ahmed Shaikh invited tenders in 2014 without approval of revised PC-1 and not only this but he issued work orders in the capacity of SE for 88 contracts whereas work orders were to be issued by XENs. He did not bother to get technical sanction and approval of the tenders. He got works started and incurred libilities of more than Rs4 billion which were cleared after three years from the releases in question of the year 2017 and 2018.


In the FIR No. 4/2020 dated 3-3-2020 Circle Officer ACE Jamshoro has nominated Chief Engineer /PD RBOD-II Munawar Bozdar, BPS-20, now retired, Waqar Ahmed Qadri Superintendent Engineer RBOD-II BPS-19, Imran Ahmed Shaikh SE BPS-19, Abdul Ghaffar Soomro XEN Division BPS-18, Altaf Ahmed Memon Assistant XEN BPS-17 and 16 others. Another FIR No. 5/2020 dated 3-3-2020PS ACE Jamshoro- CE Munawar Bozdar, SE waqar Ahmed Qadri, SE Imran Ahmed Shaikh, XEN Ayaz Ahmed Memon, XEN Ghulam Hyder Buriro and eight others have been nominated. In third FIR No.1/2020 PS ACE Thatta Munawar Bozdar, Waqar Ahmed Qadri, Imran Ahmed Shaikh, M. Faheem Soomro, Qarar raza Shah and 15 others have been nominated.


The FIRs have been registered with the approval of the Chairman Anti-Corruption Establishment M. Waseem and necessary action is being taken against the accused.