Former Vice President Joe Biden has raised more than $7 million in two days towards his bid to win the 2020 Democratic primary election, campaign Deputy National Press Secretary Matt Hill said in a statement.

"Joe Biden raised $7.1 million online in the last 42 hours - more than Senator Bernie Sanders", Hill said on Wednesday.

Hill noted that Sanders raised just over $5 million in the same period. Biden has now raised at least $15 million in the past three days, Bloomberg News reported.

The news comes a day after Biden made a strong showing in the Democratic primary’s "Super Tuesday" contests – winning 10 of fourteen states and taking the delegate lead over rival Sanders. According to AP estimates published by NPR on Wednesday, Biden now has 566 delegates and Sanders 501.

A candidate must secure 1,991 delegates to win the party nomination or else there could be what is called a "brokered" convention in July.