It happens when country has that have a lot of poverty and unemployment. Unfortunately Pakistan is a country there child labour exist. When the families won’t have enough earning, they put the children of the family to work so they can have enough money to survive. Similarly, if the adults of the family are unemployed, the younger ones have to work in their place. The most important one is poverty and illiteracy.

When people barely make ends meet, they put their children to work so they can have food two times a day. The majority of child labour in Pakistan occurs in agriculture. The constitution of Pakistan respects the children rights and provides for depending children. According to constitution, no child under the age of fourteen should be employed in any factory or mile or any other hazardous employment.

Poverty, illiteracy are the main reason of labour child. Employment opportunities must be given to people in abundance so they can earn their livelihood instead of putting their kids to work.