The coronavirus outbreak has spread to almost all provinces of Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday.   

"This disease is a widespread one. It encompasses almost all of our provinces and is, in a sense, a global disease that many countries in the world have become infected with,” Rouhani said in statements cited by the presidency's official website.  

A total of 92 people have died from the virus in Iran, with 2,922 infections, according to the country's health ministry.  

Rouhani said Iran will "overcome the problem with cooperation of entire Iranian nation and with the help of its healthcare professionals as soon as possible".  

The Iranian leader went on to express hope that the problem will be solved with least damage. "We must work together to tackle this problem as quickly as possible."  

The global death toll from the virus is over 3,000, with more than 89,000 infected.  

The World Health Organization, which already declared the outbreak an international health emergency, updated the global risk level to “very high.”