ISLAMABAD - National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has reserved judgement on the K-Electric petition for the increase of Rs 1.37 per unit and Rs 1.44 per unit in power tariff respectively for last two quarters of 2019 and monthly fuel price adjustments for six months of last year.

Nepra has conducted hearing on the petition of K-Electric for adjustments for two quarters of April and June 2019 and July to September 2019.

The hearing was chaired by Vice Chairman Nepra Bahadur Shah has also conducted hearing on the monthly fuel price adjustment of the K-Electric.

Nepra has completed the hearing on the quarterly and monthly adjustment , however the decision regarding the adjustments was not approved. Now the findings of the hearing will be discussed by the authority and the final decision in this regard will be announced later. 

In a petition submitted with NEPRA for the quarter from April to July of the last fiscal 2018-19, K-Electric had requested an increase of Rs 1.37 per unit in the price of electricity for power consumers. For the first quarter July to September of current fis cal 2019-20, K-Electric has requested an increase of Rs 1.44 per unit.

In its petition for the monthly fuel price adjustments, K-Electric had requested an increase of Rs 1.13 per unit for the month of July 2019,  Rs0.78 per unit increase for August 2019 and Rs 0.40 for September 2019. However, for October 2019 the company had requested a decrease of Rs 0.19 per unit, Rs 1.90 reduction for November 2019 and Rs 2.35 per unit decrease for December 2019.

It is pertinent to mention here that the government has yet to notify an increase of Rs 4.88 per unit in the  K-Electric Tariff for the period from July to September 2016 to January -March 2019.