ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Musadik Malik on Wednesday accused the government of lying on PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif’s health.

Addressing a press conference here, he said the government repeatedly lied on the leader’s health for political gains. Shedding light on Nawaz’ health, he termed government’s statements as false. He said state is like mother. “If a father repeatedly lies with his children, we can call it a broken house. The PM has lost credibility due to its repeated lies and false statements on Nawaz’ health,” he said. He came hard on the information minister for not coming up with true picture when it comes to PML-N leader’s health. He said the minister should speak truth and did not mislead public on the issue.

He said the government, keeping in view Nawaz’ health, in October last year, decided to shift him in hospital. “A board was constituted by the government itself comprising Doctor Shamsi, and doctors from Agha Khan hospital which diagnosed Nawaz with Immune thrombocytopenia,” he said. He said Mian Nawaz Sharif suffered two heart attack, first in jail and the second in Services Hospital in government custody. He said the government/cabinet took decision to send Nawaz abroad keeping in view his health condition. He said Punjab government remained busy in diagnosing disease of Nawaz Sharif and later admitted that he needed treatment at urgent basis. On the issue of Nawaz Sharif not admitting in any hospital since he reached London, Malik said so far PML-N leader has got check up from 5 UK hospitals and added experts from Switzerland and America have also visited Nawaz. “He is in critical heart condition,” he added.