Recently I happened to buy chicken from a reputed meat shop because the local meat shop was closed. It was well decorated with tiles and thoroughly cleaned. Unlike local meat shop chicken in that shop was packed in packets and was well cleaned. I was very satisfied with their hygiene standards. Later that day, I watched news on how Punjab food authority caught a truck loaded with sick and dead hens which were to be sold in the market.

Major issues reported in meat are the consumption of rotten meat, over aged meat, under aged meat, sick animal’s meat and the slaughtening of dead animals. Although authority confiscated the whole lot but a question clicks in mind that how many lots of such diseased and dead meat have been already sold in market before. It was a great action by Punjab food authority and we should also be more cautious about it now.

The best way to avoid such situations is to get your chicken altered and cut right in front of your eyes and try to buy it from reputed meat shops. Such authorities cannot do their job successfully unless people take the responsibility and vigilantly report such cases around them. For the sake of good health of our generations we need to support such initiative in fact not only support we should also practically contribute.