ISLAMABAD - The Public Accounts committee (PAC) on Wednesday was informed that record of a total of Rs20 billion spent during the construction of New Islamabad Airport Project (NIAP) was missing.

The meeting of PAC was held under the chair of Rana Tanvir. The audit officials told the PAC that this huge amount of Rs20 billion was spent without any measurement book.

In its response, the director of New Islamabad Airport said that the record of entire infrastructure of the airport was present. However, the audit officials said that the record was always present at measurement book but the airport administration used micro soft excel instead of measurement book which is against law and is not authorised.

The audit officials also claimed that there were possibilities of corruption during the construction of the NIAP.

The committee directed the official of the NIAP to submit report to the committee till March 11.

Meanwhile, the issue of construction of an additional run way at the airport was also discussed in the PAC meeting. The audit officials further said that a total of Rs710 million extra money was spent on the construction of additional run way. In its response, the officials of airport said that the purpose of construction of additional run way was to help in take up or landing of two flights at the same time.

The PAC chairman, on the issue, asked the FIA officials regarding their probe into corruption in New Islamabad Airport. The FIA officials responded that they had sent the report of complete investigation to the ministry of interior.

The committee also showed its reservations over the sipping of airport floor during rain fall.

The committee directed the airport officials to complete the probe on the issue of construction run way within 15 days.