ISLAMABAD - Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser stated

that Youth-led innovative and market disruptive agricultural startups offered a promising

pathway to transform

conventional Pakistan’s

agricultural sector into

globally aligned competitive agriculture.

He expressed these

views in a meeting with

the founders of various

agricultural start-ups

who briefed a panel of

the National Assembly

on path-breaking innovative agricultural businesses.

The speaker urged the

government to facilitate

and scale up the quality

agricultural start-ups as

they were engines of rural and agricultural development. He also urged

the need to create an enabling environment for

private sector to lead the

diffusion and transfer of

agricultural technology, and raising Pakistan’s

agro-productivity and export competitiveness.

The founders of various agri start-ups who

attended the meeting

were winners of recently

held competition on innovations in agriculture,

food security, and nutrition. The agri start-ups

were supported by TiE

Islamabad chapter headed by Ms Sara Hashwani.

The members of the National Assembly Special

Committee on Agricultural Products highly appreciated the innovations

brought about by agri

start-ups and stressed

that given the rapid expansion of Pakistan’s

population and immense

stress on Pakistan’s natural resources, high-tech

driven sustainable agriculture and food security

system offered immense

potential to meet Pakistan’s food security.

MNA Syed Fakhar

Imam stated that seven decades of bad governance and relegation

of agriculture to secondary priorities has inhibited Pakistan’s progress in

realising full agricultural


Dr Fehmida Mirza, Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination urged

the members of the National Assembly Special

Committee on Agricultural Products and founders

of agri start-ups to pay

specific attention to the

problems of smallholder farmers and women

who continue to be constrained by significant

barriers including fragmented landholdings,

lack of access to credit, information and technology and exploited by middlemen.