Transferring animals from the wild in to closed compounds with the promise of controlled living conditions, food and other facilities is what zoos aim to provide. There is however, no comparison between an animal’s natural habitat and those artificially created in cages, zoos and other animal facilities, especially in Pakistan where is an extreme lack of resource and a seeming lack of compassion.

In Pakistan, animals are caged and suffering in extreme weather conditions, with either no facilities to cool them, or such facilities being off due to load shedding or despair. Certain compounds were not equipped to cater to the needs or requirements of animals. In Pakistan, the image of a healthy zoo is all away from reality, with visiting children expressing concern over the ill-treatment of animals. It is very unfortunate that government never take action regarding this serous matter. The poor souls in the zoos are being tortured and caged only for the purpose of entertainment of the public, which is inhumane.

One of the main issue in the zoos is sanitation, the zoos in Pakistan are not only treating animals in inhumane manner but also the zoos are becoming most unhygienic place to go with families, which is becoming the reason of spreading of various diseases among the population. The zoos in Pakistan are in dire need to shut down. Zoos like these are not allowed to operate because contribute more to the destruction of wildlife and the bi diverse eco system around the world, than they do to help them. The more the truth about this horrific torture with animals is spread, and the greater the international awareness it gets, the chances of rescuing these animals and putting an end to places that exploit life for money increase drastically.