Before February elections, whenever a TV channel or newspaper presented any surveys concerning the (lack of) popularity of General Pervaiz Musharraf, the government spokesmen said the survey people did not have the correct data. General Musharraf, in his last days in uniform, himself said "these foreign surveyors mostly come to cities, meet a few selected people whereas the majority population resides in villages whose views are not included in such surveys". Today, on April 10, 2008, I have just visited the website It was created with a lot of fanfare and claims that ordinary people will now have direct access to the President. As is usual, a lot of our professional paid writers wrote columns at the time that it would turn Pakistani into heaven as people's problems will be solved instantly. For the initial few months, if someone approached the President at this site, his press secretary immediately acknowledged. This was merely an automatic acknowledgment but for the last one year, even this acknowledgment has stopped coming. Today just for fun I checked the contents on his Visitors' Forum. On the topic of Finance the last someone approached him was on July 27, 2007. On Defence, the last approach was made on July 5, 2007, on Foreign Affairs on August 17, 2007, on Social Sector last on November 20, 2006. -ZAFAR, Nowshera, via e-mail, April 18.