LAHORE - The Punjab government is planning to bring all independently functioning projects under the direct control of the concerned departments as the present administration is vary of the performance of the these projects besides the fact that quite a large number of officers have taken refuge in these projects, and are getting fat pays. The officers, who have been working with these projects, will be brought back to their original departments, and if they will work with the projects, they will be only paid project allowance, and the hefty packages will be withdrawn. This will also save millions of rupees being spent on non-development expenditures, besides helping the administration in tackling the issue of getting good officers work to with it. According to a source, a proposal in this regard will be submitted soon to the competent authority. To him, this proposal would be beneficial to the provincial government in two ways. "First, the concerned departments will get directly supervise them, and results can be achieved at a faster pace in comparison to what has been achieved so far, which is hugely divorced from the ground reality than what is being portrayed through 'multimedia' presentations in meetings and depicted in the media," said the source, while adding that provincial administration believed that there was more of talk, and less of actual achievement. "Take the example of the Punjab Resource Management Programme, which is raising embroidered slogan about 'capacity building' of the officers. One can bet that the PRMP could be able come up with five competent officers, who can develop PC-I for any project on his own. Even after their so-called foreign trainings, if they are dependent upon the Section Officers, then what is the use of such programmes," averred the senior officer.  He was of the considered opinion that most of these programmes were used as 'pleasure trips'. "one can see that these projects are yet to yield desired results," he added. Under the previous regime, a large number of projects were initiated, while the education and health sectors got major share. One of the biggest projects is the Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme, which is the World Bank funded, and was initiated in 2003. "The question is: Has it really achieved its objectives? To this, it is big no as we do not see anything really tangible on the ground though the previous regime, as fed by the project directors and consultants, was considering it one of its success stories," maintained the officer. "And when you quiz them about their performance so far, they have no answer. However, they immediately resort to we-will-do-it and we-will-get-it assertions," he said. According to the source, the officers chose to work with these projects considering the fact that they were getting minimum of six digit salaries. "During the last government, quite a large number of well-connected officers got themselves relieved from their actual jobs for these projects. Now how many of them would like to work with the present administration, which wants that, the officers should be in their offices by 8 am and should stay there till late, which is beyond the normal working hours obviously. Secondly, this administration wants results, no sweet chats Frankly, they have to be awoken up from the deep slumber, which they have enjoyed during the last eight years," averred the officer. While pointing out the problem as far as the conditions of the foreign donors agencies where these agencies wanted that the projects should be run independently sans any interference by the concerned departments, he said they could be requested for changing the conditions. "Obviously, we will assure them that they will get the desired results, while the Punjab government will be maintaining better accountability standards," he said.