ISLAMABAD - The second session of the politico-legal committee constituted by PPP and PML(N) to tackle the ticklish issue of judges restoration and preparing the judicial reforms package would meet here today at Punjab House. Ostensibly, in the preparation of the Monday meeting Senior Minister for Communication Ch. Nisar Ali Khan held a crucial meeting with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari at Zardari House and discussed with him the core issue of restoration of the judges and the judicial reforms package. As it was one-on-one meeting between the two, the agenda of the meeting was not known but the sources privy to the developments taking place on the issue both the leaders had discussed the contentious issue of judges restoration and the judicial reforms package and the modus operandi to tackle this complex issue. PML(N) President Mian Shahbaz Sharif was optimistic about the outcome of the ongoing dialogue between the two sides, with legal experts on their back to give them input on the complex issue, in a week's time. He said that though there were some complexities yet he was confident that these hurdles would be removed in next six or seven days and the resolution seeking restoration of the judges would be tabled before the National Assembly by 12th of this month. PML(N) President Mian Shahbaz Sharif was of the view that both the main coalition partners were having the unanimous view on the issue and the only difference between the two sides was on path to be followed for getting to the destination. The sources were of the view that the matter primarily be dealt with by the politicians and the legal experts would give their input on the technical issues and would help them formulate the foolproof legal strategy to get the matter resolved in the ambit of constitution. The team, which was constituted under the head of the Federal Minister for Law Farooq H. Naik, comprised PML(N) President Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Senior Minister for Communication Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, Federal Minister for Petroleum Kh. Asif and Advisor to PM on Interior Rehman Malik, and experts on legal and constitutional matters Fakaruddin G. Ibrahim, Ch Aitzaz Ahsan, Abdul Hafiz Pirzada and Kh. Haris advocate. The sources in PML(N) disclosed that party President Mian Shahbaz Sharif would arrive here on Monday morning and before getting into the session of the committee, of which he is one of the members, would hold a preparatory meeting with the party leaders to evolve their strategy. The sources privy to the developments on the issue informed The Nation that both sides were inching toward a consensus point and it was expected that in next few days they would be able to reach some common ground acceptable to all the stakeholders. It was further expected that after the Monday session of the committee the other coalition partners, Awami National Party and Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Islam(Fazl Group), would be taken into confidence as the leadership of both these parties had expressed their annoyance over keeping them blind on the issue.