LAHORE - The issue of judges' restoration might take a new turn after the announcement made by the coalition partners that PCO judges would not be disturbed, as many deposed judges are pondering not to join judiciary on their restoration, saying they cannot sit with the PCO judges, The Nation learnt reliably. The sources said that a strong group of sacked judges was making deliberations with other judges to convince them on the point that how could they sit with those judges whom they did not recognise as legitimate judges. They said that this would send a wrong message to public as well as it would be negation of lawyers' firm stand on the present judiciary. "To start work with them means, we have accepted them. Retaining of PCO judges will be a sheer violation of Supreme Court seven members bench's decision that has set aside emergency and PCO on November 3," they are arguing with others judges. However, a final decision would be made after formal announcement made by the government that 'the deposed judges are restored and there is no physical or legal hurdle in their way to start working again.' These judges are also thinking to take lawyers into confidence before taking a decision in this regard. They said that it would be highly unreasonable to make a decision without consulting lawyers because they had been raising voices and struggling for judges' restoration over a year. The deposed judges are much frustrated and disturbed arguing that if it were to happen then what was harm in taking oath on November 3, the sources privy to development said. "On one side of the wall are more than 60 judges who underwent many hardships after November 3 while on the other side are those who supported subversion of the constitution by taking oath under the PCO, enjoyed all perks and privileges and again they have been declared 'sacred cows'. It is highly injustice, the sacked judges are telling their other colleagues. Some of these judges who are more vocal than rest of judges are of the view that it would be an embarrassing situation for them to sit along with the PCO judges on a same bench and make decisions with their consultation. They said that the Pakistan Bar Council had also announced not to accept PCO judges and the deposed judges should follow it by declining to accept their restoration. But at the same time, they argued that this move could only be affected if all deposed judges refused to sit with the PCO judges.