KARACHI (APP) - Speaker Sindh Assembly, provincial ministers and economic experts have said that solution to existing social and economic problems of inch lay in spending its resources on it and particularly in carving out an elaborate planning for prudent utilisation of its mineral resources. They said that Sindh Government will use Thar coal for changing the very destine of Sindh Province. Speaker Nisar Khuhro, Information Minister Shazia Marri, Revenue Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and others expressed these views at a pre-budget seminar, organised by Sindh Graduates Association (SGA) and other civil society people at a local hotel. Nisar Khuhro, who chaired the seminar, said that at present Pakistan is faced with score of problems and as a last hope, the present government had to take a start from zero to improve the economy. He described the performance of government organisations in the shambles and said that quality of development schemes has become sub-standard because of corruption while there remained no check on education. "In order to solve the social and economic problems, there is need for a comprehensive planning", he emphasised. Addressing the seminar, Information Minister Shazia Marri said that Sindh's rights on its resources and revenues are not recognised. The dictatorial regimes always usurped its rights and the 1996 non-representative government reduced the NFC Award for Provinces from 80 to mere 35 percent. She assured that despite all odds, the PPP government will chalk out a lasting planning to solve the problems of people and get the snatched rights of Sindh Province restored. She described poverty an important factor for economic backwardness and said that govt will create maximum opportunities of employment and improve the economic lot of the masses. Revenue Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that foremost priority of present government is to materialise the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to overcome energy shortage through the use of Thar coal. He said the concurrent list will go this year and needy poors and women would be given government land free of cost. Former Speaker Sindh Assembly Hussain Haroon said the Province and the country suffered harm because of policies of undemocratic rulers. He pointed out that people of the province have their inalienable right on the minerals taken out from here as well its airports and ports and there is need to get back this right of people. He suggested that grabbed government land in the suburbs of Karachi be got freed from "Qabza Mafia" and used for resettlement of poor with such a planning that with every house of a new Sindh there is a house of an old Sindhi so that hatred could be eliminated. Noted economists Fazlullah Qureshi, Nazar Mohammed Memon, Syed Mohibullah Shah, Abrar Kazi and SAGA's Chairman Dr Suleman Shaikh also had an exchange of views on the occasion and presented their proposals with reference to the new year's budget. The seminar was also attended by Secretary Finance, Ghulam Ali pasha, ACS Development Nazar Hussain Maher, Prof Aijaz Qureshi and others.