KARACHI - Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) President Senator Allama Abbas Kumaili on Sunday demanded of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani to declare the Parachnar a calamity-hit area and provide immediate relief and foods to the peoples to save their lives. He warned that if the government did not fulfil the demands of Jaffaria Alliance regarding Parachanar issue, it reserves the right to blockade the Shahra-e-Karakaram and besiege the National and provincial assemblies. He was addressing a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club against the siege of Parachanar by the Taliban troops. He said that government was responsible to protect the lives of citizen but it has so far neglected the sensitivity of the situation in Kurram Agency where thousands of people had lost their lives. He urged the government to assure the supply of foods to these people because due to the shortage of foods and basic facilities lives of hundreds of thousands people were in danger. He demanded the immediate deployment of Kurram troops in Kurram Agency and Parachanar to protect people of these areas from any kind of violence. Government should abolish the black law of FCR and give the constitutional representation to the Kurram Agency residents, he demandde. He pointed out that Taliban had restricted all kinds of traffic from Peshawar to Kurram Agency and urged the government to clear the Peshawar-Parachanar road for traffic and reinstate PIA flights to Parachanar.