LAHORE - Former Chairman Planning and Development Board Suleman Ghani was one considered to be one of the strongest bureaucrats to stay in the Punjab after the Pakistan Muslim League (N) won the last legislative elections, and it was posting its own men in the provincial administration. According to a source, being head of the largest provincial development board, Suleman Ghani gave a detailed briefing about the P&D to President PML (N) and Chief Minister-designate Shahbaz Sharif. "He was asked whether he would be happy working under a junior Chief Secretary to which Ghani agreed by saying that 'I have no objection'. When the name of Javed Mehmood was brought to him, he showered Mehmood with lavish praise," said the source, while adding that during this period, Ghani also showed his intentions of going to the Federal government. "Seeing this, he was then again approached by the concerned quarters to remain in the Punjab. When Sami Saeed was posted as Chairman P&D after some wrangling, Ghani was posted Chairman Lahore Mass Transit Authority, which is yet to become a legal identity. This is how once a strong man of the Chaudhry's regime has landed in no-man's land," revealed the source, while seeking anonymity. This is for the second time that Grade-22 officer Suleman Ghani is serving under his junior in Grade-21, that is, Chief Secretary Javed Mehmood. Earlier, he was Chairman P&D, when his junior Salman Saddique was the Chief Secretary. Another senior officer is Member Board of Revenue Safdar Javed Syed, who is also in Grade-22, but has stayed in the Punjab and work under Javed Mehmood. Inspector General Police Punjab Shaukat Javed has also become senior to Javed Mehmood, as he has been promoted to Grade-22.