ISLAMABAD - Operations of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) have significantly slowed down since the promulgation of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in October 2007. The NAB, established in 1999 had investigated high profile corruption cases against politicians, bureaucrats, ex-servicemen and business tycoons since its inception and had recovered billions of rupees. Despite these achievements, some political forces have often criticized NAB as a tool created by the former COAS and incumbent President Pervez Musharraf for witch-hunt of the political opponents. The high profile NAB operations have considerably slowed down in the presence of the NRO that offers broad-based immunity to the people involved both in the criminal as well as corruption cases. However, NAB sources, denying this impression insist that the institution continues to discharge its mandated responsibility in tackling the menace of societal corruption. The NAB sources while referring to the performance of the organisation said that the Bureau had disposed of 13,391 complaints during 2007 with only 12 per cent currently pending. During the same period, the agency had arrested 234 suspects, while 198 were still at large. There were 2,121 cases in the courts. The Special Courts decided 430 of them while the Accountability Courts decided nine out of 91 cases.    During the year, NAB had successfully recovered 3335.035 million rupees in Plea Bargain and Voluntary Return as well Banks' Default cases during the year.