I would like to draw the attention of the Punjab government to its current policy of transfers of civil servants to remote areas. It is really shocking not only for employee but for his family members as well who are all deprived of their shelter. I think a pragmatic approach has not been employed in this matter as a number of employees belonging to South Punjab have been transferred to central or northern Punjab. A person living and working in Gujranwala, when sent to Bahawalpur or Multan region, faces a doubling of expenses besides other hardships. I don't think Shahbaz Sharif wants to create unrest among civil servants. On the other hand, the fact that some persons on key posts having strong political backing are still enjoying prime postings at their choice stations, is creating resentment. Shahbaz should, by all means, take punitive measures against corrupt and lazy employees. But it be better that all the rest are facilitated by posting them nearest to their stations of choice. -M. SAEED AWAN, Gujranwala, via e-mail, April 28.