MULTAN - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani said on Sunday the government would not talk to terrorists or extremists, although it was willing to hold dialogue with those who surrendered their weapons. "The stance of our government is quite clear on the issue of Baitullah Mehsud that we'll not talk to any terrorist. But we're ready to talk to those, who give up their arms voluntarily," he said in reply to a question while addressing a crowded news conference here at Multan Press Club. He said that he had no details about any accord between the government and Baitullah Mehsud as yet. "As soon as we receive any details from the Governor of NWFP, we'll furnish it before you," he told the journalists. Vowing to reinstate the judiciary for speedy and cheap justice to common citizens, Gillani said that the Parliament would no more be a rubber-stamp institution while the government would come up to the expectations of the masses. To another query, he said that he never blamed previous government for the prevailing crisis and instead declared it an old problem. "Now we're in power, so we accept the responsibility for this crisis. We'll overcome it through a better strategy," he added. He said that all affairs pertaining to the President House would be resolved in light of the Constitution. "We're talking about the supremacy of Parliament and we want to resolve all issues on the forum of Parliament," he added. He told the news conference that the government offered Rs 40 billion subsidy on wheat. "Our government is determined to uplift agriculture sector and the farmers and therefore we have also given another Rs 40 billion as subsidy for DAP fertilizer," he added. He said that the government was determined to check wheat smuggling and for the sake of this purpose inter-provincial movement of wheat was banned. He criticised previous government for not increasing the minimum support price of wheat. "It was the inefficiency of previous government. The price should have been lifted before wheat sowing in September but they did not do it. The crop of Sindh came into market so I immediately intervened and lifted the price to prevent Sindhi farmers from injustice," he added. He said that wheat procurement operation in all four provinces was in progress. Referring to the district government system, the Prime Minister said although the PPP always supported the idea of district government, it never endorsed its flaws. "This system affects provincial autonomy because it comes under federal control. The other thing is that there should be party polls," he added. He said that the PPP had seen the dream of district governors to bring the youth of the country into political streamline. He said that the PPP would take initiatives to improve district government system. To another query on high inflation ratio, he said that this problem could be checked through good governance. "If the parliament is strong all likewise issues can be tackled properly," he added. Referring to existing PEMRA laws, he declared them rather poor and said that their alteration would be started soon. "We believe in such a law of freedom of information that lends hand to cease misappropriation in the country," he added. He assured the journalists that the government would ensure respect to media workers as well as protection of their jobs. He told the journalists that the government would also endeavour to implement Wage Board Award and improve their wages. "Being fourth pillar of the State, I would request the media to identify its responsibility and character and act as watchdog to keep eye on working of all other pillars of the State. Media should play role for promotion of democracy in the country as well as creation of political and social awareness among masses," he stressed and added: "I assure you that we'll get the media its appropriate status and foil all conspiracies." He said that the public voted for those powers, which raised voice for the restoration of Constitution and judiciary as well as freedom of the Press. "However, we've got split mandate. No party could secure clear mandate and therefore we have formed a broad-based government," he added. He said that being prime minister he owed a lot to the entire country. "But I am much more indebted by my own soil. I promise you that I'll do my level best to uplift Saraiki region, which is faced with deprivation and injustices of previous rulers since long," he proclaimed. He said that Multan was one of the oldest living cities of the world and it could be compared with Damascus. "I want to take measures for the conservation of culture and heritage of my city," he added. He lauded the role of media in promotion of democratic norms in the country and said that it was the pen of the journalists, which boosted his morale when he was imprisoned during democracy war. He said that the media proved the power of the pen. "It is an important pillar of the state. Neither can it be suppressed nor bought," he added. He said that the media played key role in democratic movements and it was a guarantee to independence of judiciary, restoration of democracy, promotion of democratic norms and prosperity of the public. He said that the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto was an international incident as the world lost a leader of international stature. Answering a question on construction of dams by India on Pakistani rivers, he said: "We have a water treaty with India and we'll deal with them in light of that accord." He told the news conference that he had talked to Mian Shahbaz Sharif on the issue of detained powerloom activists. "Although it's a provincial issue, I've asked him (Shahbaz Sharif) to pardon them and he has told me that he will issue orders for their release today," he disclosed. He said that he had directed all ministers to get briefing from the officials of their concerned departments and go out to hold open courts and inquire about the problems being faced by the public. He said that the basic problems being faced by Multan were sewerage and roads. "We'll take up the issue of sewerage at World Bank level. I assure you that no problem will remain unattended," he added. He announced that a youth hostel would be established in Multan. He further announced that Multan would be given the perks of a big city. Development package The Prime Minister announced that Multan would be declared National Heritage City. "We'll conserve walled city on pattern of Morocco's city of Fez and work on this project will start from July 2008," he declared. About conservation of historical heritage, he said that the NESPAK had been directed to evolve a project for the restoration of Qila Qasim Bagh. Declaring a development package for uplift of Multan, he said that sectors like roads, sewerage and water supply, housing, public parks, technical education, sports and airport would be developed. "All the projects will be completed within five years and the feasibility reports of these plans will be evolved by NESPAK with the collaboration of public representatives," he added. The premier announced that six low-cast housing schemes would be launched in this district. "One housing project will be launched in each town of the district and land for this project will be provided by the district or provincial governments while construction and development funds by the federal government," he announced. He further declared that the work on Multan-Faisalabad Motorway would be initiated from July 2008 while NESPAK had been directed to start preparing feasibility report for Head Muhammadwala Bridge forthwith. About roads, he told the journalists that a comprehensive plan had been evolved to get the city rid of traffic problems. "An outer ring road comprising both Southern as well as Northern Bypasses will be constructed in a phase-wise project. Initially Rs 50 million funds will be released for these projects and they will be completed till June 30, 2009," he added. He said that the Southern Bypass would be completed in phases as the link road between LMQ and Bosan Road would be completed till June 30, 2009 while the work on the rest of the road would be started thereafter. He declared that an inner ring road would also be laid down which would link entire city. "At least 10 wide link roads with flyovers and underpasses will be constructed for this purpose," he added. He said that the construction of Kumharanwala to Vehari Chowk dual carriage way would also be started forthwith and it would be completed till June 2009. He said that major roads of the city like Qasim Bela, Nawabpur, Masoom Shah, Sooraj Miani and Bosan roads would also be widened but the sewerage projects would be completed on these roads before their re-construction. He said that a dual carriage way would be laid down between Double Phatak and Shujabad while Ansar Colony and Old Makhdoom Rasheed link road would be widened. Referring to sewerage and water supply projects, he told the news conference that Rs 5934 million would be allocated for 27 rural water supply and sewerage schemes. He announced that Multan Airport would be widened and upgraded as international. "The land acquiring issue will be settled down between army and civil aviation till June 30, 2008," he added. He announced that a cadet college, five women and two boys colleges would be established in Multan while the NFC institute would be upgraded to university level. "As far as women university is concerned, its all affairs will be settled till June 30, 2008 and its construction will be started in July," he declared and added that the classes of the university would be held in Bahauddin Zakariya University till completion of varsity's own building. He announced 15 busses for Government Degree College for Women Kachehri Road Multan and two others for Nishtar Medical College. He disclosed that he had directed the federal authority for technical education to establish its office in Multan and present a comprehensive report before him for promotion of technical education in the region till June 2008. "We'll talk to the overseas employment department to get the skilled students jobs abroad," he added. He said that Langy Khan and Municipal Libraries would be upgraded. About loadshedding, he said that Multan Electric Power Corporation would announce a relief package which would be enforced from May 10. "We'll consult all stakeholders including agriculture, powerloom and industrial sectors, who will present their recommendations and Mepco will facilitate them in light of that strategy," he added. Gillani announced that the cancer facility in Nishtar Hospital would be upgraded and turned into a 100-bed hospital. He said that Multan would be declared model district under Prime Minister's Special Initiative Programme. "This programme will be launched in ongoing year and availability of doctors, medicines and paramedics will be ensured in all basic health units," he added. He said that a committee would be constituted to ensure implementation of package. The premier told news reporters that he had directed provincial government to launch work on judicial complex forthwith. He said that an international chain of super stores - Metro Cash and Carry - was going to establish 10 outlets in the country out of which one would be established in Multan. Gillani also announced Rs5 million grant for Multan Press Club besides directing the provincial government to issue one million as annual grant to the Club. He said that another grant would be given for construction of a new hall, stores and partition in the Press Club. He directed the authorities concerned to start development of journalist colony from July 2008. Earlier, the Premier spent a very busy day in Multan as he distributed Baitul Maal cheques among deserving skilled persons besides addressing a gathering at the residence of MPA Malik Ahmad Hassan Dehar and members of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He also attended a luncheon hosted in his honour by former MPA Dr Javed  Siddiqui, tea by MPA Malik Aamir Dogar and supper by Javed Qureshi.