LAHORE - The Punjab Govt has accorded sanction to a big taxation plan with a view to pulling the common man out of economic pressure. According to this plan the government price of wheat flour will be reduced by Rs 2 and a campaign will be launched to grow vegetables on state lands in the first phase. Tax on large houses and big vehicles is also being raised. The Rs 7 billion incurred on the reduction of atta price will be recovered by levying tax on sale and purchase of  large vehicles, large houses and lands. This was said by PML (N) President and former Punjab CM Mian Shahbaz Sharif in an interview with Nawa-i-Waqt. Mian Shahbaz Sharif said that conspiracies were being planned against the present government, the ruling coalition and the independence of judiciary and all this was being done at the presidency but all these efforts would be fruitless. The reinstatement of judges and the independence of judiciary will be made certain and the country will  be led to solidarity, he said. He ruled out the impression that PPP was not in favour of the freedom of judiciary saying that it was serious and supporting the steps taken in this regard. In reply to a question he said that it would have been wise for Pervez Musharraf to have left after the popular mandate of Feb 18 but he was still sticking to stubbornness. 'He rather looks inclined to affect the peoples mandate but he would get nothing out of it except despair and failure', Shahbaz said. In reply to another question he said it had been decided at the Punjab level that the position of the people would  be improved and oppourtunities would be provided to them to win bread, get free medical treatment and education for them and for their children, no matter even if billions of rupees were to be spent for the purpose. He said that the country had been created for the people hut unluckily the benefits of this creation were drawn by the preferential class. This thing will not be allowed any more  and the fruit of the peoples labour will go to the people, he vowed."I do not think any big setback will come on the national exchequer if relief is given to the people. The pressure should go onto those who are leading a life of luxury and use luxury cars. Why shouldn't they play their role for the progress of the country". To another question Shahbaz Sharif replied that he and his party did not believe in political vengeance but this should not mean that those who inflicted loss of billions of rupees to the national treasury and made their names in the history of embezzlement would be set at large. " I daresay that the corruption that prevailed in Punjab during the last five years is unparalleled. Only the Bank of Punjab was inflicted a loss of Rs 9 billion". He went on to say that he had accepted the challenge of reforming the situation for which his party  had brought forward competent officers and they had been allotted targets on which they would work fearlessly. Answering another question Shahbaz said that it was a baseless impression  that the US was against the independence of judiciary and reinstatement of judges. " The US Ambassador to Pakistan has recently had a meeting with Mian Nawaz Sharif and she did not say any such thing. She is however, serious about eradication of terrorism and we too are in favour of this".