WASHINGTON - Sikhs around the world are preparing to mount a vigorous campaign to persuade Canada into boycotting the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, a city whose streets, they say, are stained with the blood of fellow Sikhs massacred in 1984, according to a California-based paper. An op-ed in The Panthic Weekly, said an action Committee is being formed, from within the 3 million strong Sikh diaspora overseas, to chalk out a well-coordinated plan for the purpose. Canada has a large Sikh population.   The Sikhs, it said, are agitated as Delhi reminds them of the November 1984 state-sponsored pogrom of November 1984 in which nearly 10,000 of their co-religionists were murdered. "Nearly a quarter century later, surviving relatives of the victims still cry for justice as no one has been found guilty, nobody has been punished," Dr. Amarjit Singh, Director of Washington-based Khalistan Affairs Center, wrote. "Even the much-trumpeted cash compensation - a paltry sum really - sanctioned by the Indian government for the delayed relief and rehabilitation of the survivors, (mostly elderly starving widows) of the November 1984 tragedy has become a scam for greedy, thieving, corrupt Indian officials." The paper said it does not behoove Canada, a true democracy and a champion of human rights, to allow its athletes to set foot on a soil that brings painful memories of their murdered co-religionists, not only to the 750,000 loyal Sikh-Canadians, but Sikhs every where.