KARACHI - The Sindh government has made preparations aiming to get control of 129 archeological sites of province which currently fall under the control of the federal government, The Nation learnt on Sunday. Presently, at least 129 archeological and cultural sites located in Sindh are being controlled by the federal government. Sassi Palejo, Minister for Culture and Tourism Department government of Sindh, while talking to The Nation confirmed that her department will formally approach the concerned federal ministry to get control of archeological sites of province. The majority of these sites were in deteriorating condition due to lack of attention by the centre regarding the maintenance and rehabilitation of this historical heritage in the province, she said adding that necessary legislation would also be done in this regard in Sindh assembly. After approval of the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, a summary of draft bill has been sent to the provincial law department for necessary procedure while a bill would be passed very soon under which control of archeological sites would be transferred from federal government to the province, she disclosed. She pointed out that the province lack resources but the provincial government would not be careless for the safeguarding of the historical treasure. The list of these archeological sites of province was being up dated while matter would be discussed in a meeting of cultural department to be held today (Monday) which will be presided by provincial minister Sassi Palejo. "The control of major sites should be under Sindh government because federal government was not paying attention to the sites", she claimed and informed that the participation of Sindh government would be ensured for the maintenance and safeguarding of these historical sites. The Sindh government has identified at least 129 archeological sites including identification of 5 thousand years old civilisation Moenjo Daro, 25 sites in Makli-Thata, 16 sites in Mirpurkhas, 4 sites in Hyderabad, Ranni Kot, Kotdeji fort and other archeological sites which controlled by federal government. The federal government should not show reluctance to hand over the control of major archeological sites of Sindh as it already handed over the control of Shahi Fort in Lahore to Punjab government, she said. Sassui further said: "We have a plan to protect of cultural and historical sites of Sindh while Water Park, huts and other facilities would also be established in Korunjhar-Thar to attract the tourists. While an official of cultural department was of the view that majority of these historical sites were on the verge of deterioration owing to non-availability of funds for the maintenance of these sites and negligence of the federal government.