KARACHI - The wholesalers of milk market, taking benefit city nazim's absence, in the city started selling milk on exorbitant prices to the retailers, and that led the retailers to sale milk Rs 38 to 40 per litre in various parts of the city against fixed price of Rs 34 by the CDGK, The Nation learnt on Sunday. The retailers are compelled to sell milk on exorbitant charges as they have been purchasing it at a price worth Rs 36 to 38 per litre from the wholesalers. The retailers have been sandwiched between the wholesaler and the CDGK while they are being accused of high prices of milk despite the fact that behind the carton there are other faces responsible for the soaring prices. It is interesting to note that last month more than 200 retailers were sent jail and fined of Rs 2.5 million but the milk prices did not fall die down. The retailers have still been compensating themselves from the loss they had faced during the CDGK raids against them and were compelled to stick to the rates set by CDGK. It is learnt the retailers have decided to go on strike from Monday against the misdeeds of wholesalers who have been selling milk on exorbitant prices. It may be noted that until the strict action against the wholesalers no price fall would be expected. The president of Karachi Dairy Farmers Association, which is one of the representative body of the wholesalers, Haji Sikandar Nagori when contacted told the Nation that his association had suggested to the CDGK that an independent committee of the experts should be established by CDGK itself to review the all aspects of the milk business to set the milk prices, otherwise the same thing would be repeated again and again. He related the current situation as every effort of setting milk prices is in vain even after the two week's controlled situation. He further told that the prices of all commodities including flour, rice, pulses, patrol and diesel have been raised, therefore, it is not possible to the prices of milk to be sustained. Neither the Enterprise and Investment Promotion (E&IP) nor the Revenue department of CDGK has taken any action against the selling of milk at soaring prices, he said. The wholesalers had promised to stop selling milk above fixed price of Rs 34 but just after two weeks they have raised the rates up to 38 to 40 Rs per litre. Sources said the magistrates appointed in Lee Market do not take notice of the situation despite repeated complaints by the consumers. When contacted, EDO, E&IP Shahab Imam, was not available for comments. Acting city nazim Nasreen Jalil said that she would direct the DCO and EDO, E&IP to inform her about the prevailing prices of milk and then proper action would be taken against the profiteers.