KARACHI (PPI) - Around hundred people were crushed to death by moving trains at railway track in city during the last 16 months as Pakistan Railway project to erect a fence along the track was in doldrums. These fatalities took place within jurisdictions of four police stations of Karachi railway police: the City, Cantonment, Drigh and Landhi. Official data collected by PPI suggested that 62 people lost their lives while crossing tracks in 2007, as City Station reported 5 deaths, Cantonment (6), Drigh (27) and Landhi (24). During the first four months of current year, from January to April, 38 people had also died in same way, as City reported two fatalities, Cantonment (7), Drigh (18) and Landhi (11). It may be mentioned here that in the year 2005, 65 ill-fated people were killed by trains, while similar number was also reported in 2006. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the then federal minister for railways had announced last year that in order to avert accidents and secure 100-feet land along rail racks fences or wall would be erected from Landhi to City Railway Station. He had informed a senate meeting on Jan 17, 2008 that Rs60 million were required for fencing purposes. Sources in PR Karachi Division office said a feasibility report with initial assessment of Rs1.8 million for the fencing project had already been sent to Pakistan Railway Headquarter' Lahore for approval. The feasibility report was sent in March 2007, but apathetically the authorities even not responded to Divisional Superintendent Office concerned. It was yet unknown to authorities here whether the report had been approved or rejected, a senior official told on condition of anonymity. He said the DS Office had also sent a reminder, but no progress was made as relevant authorities ahead of changing political scenario had put the files on back burner. Despite the fact, the minister remained into power for many months after he made the announcement, no sincere efforts were seen and he only told a senate meeting in same month that Rs60 million were required for fencing project. Later, the caretakers also ruled for some four months, the official said, adding but they just preferred to cut red tapes of few projects in lieu of further pursuing projects of formers despite they claimed to sustain continuity in route matters. "In fact, there is no advancement seen towards this crucial matter as it involves lives of people as compared to launching new services", the official said. Divisional Superintendent of Karachi Mir Muhammad Khaskheli when contacted informed a team from Islamabad had recently visited city to review different schemes and projects of PR. The formers have gone, so, it is up to the new government if they would order work on project and release funds, he maintained. "As per PR laws, a 100-foot open space is must on both sides of tracks, but in some city areas this had shrunk to even 5-feet". On other hand, PR police officials said moving across railway tracks was a violation of the Rule 122-C of the Pakistan Railways Act. It provides: "Any person found crossing over train tracks may be fined Rs2000 or awarded six-month imprisonment, or both". Surprisingly, sources claimed no considerable area of land along tracks was retrieved from encroachers despite caretaker minister Mansoor Tariq, during his visit, had claimed to have retrieved land worth millions of rupees from illegal occupants. As a result people living in densely populated localities along train tracks continued to trespass and were killed by trains. There were many areas including Drigh Colony, Natha Khan and others. Drigh Colony was worst hit and official statistics showed highest number of in this area. Drigh police recorded 54 deaths in 2000, 31 in 2001, 49 in 2002, 33 in 2003, 33 in 2004, 36 in 2005, over 30 in 2006, 27 in 2007 and 18 in current year till date. However, they were reluctant to give a figure of cases lodged against what they called "trespassers" over the years, saying people started protested whenever personnel disallowed passers-by from moving over tracks at fenceless areas. "Not a single man has been inducted in railway police in Karachi division since the partition. The staff performing watch duties was later also merged into regular police and totally 150 people are serving at three police stations and one kiosk at Drigh Railway Station," a police official said. They were serving at police stations in trains, railway station, godowns, and the staff for surveillance duty was inadequate, adding recently 50 men were being recruited to meet this shortage.