"I don't feel embarrassed or humiliated about what we have done because we have carried out our duty". said the Police Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, Peter Fahy. Despite Fahy's claim, Pakistani students were absolved of their involvement in the terror plot by the court. And despite their exoneration, they have been handed over to the border agency to be deported soon. I don't blame the Chief Constable for not being embarrassed by how his government has treated the Pakistani students holding valid visas. Mr. Fahy is a small fry compared with his former Premier Blair who did not lose face even in concocting fake evidence about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Mr. Blair, I think, has set the precedent for lesser minions in Britain to follow and they are doing it dutifully. Chief Constable Fahy knows that his former Premier got away with falsehood and he too would get away. -DR A.P. SANGDIL, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, April 23.