The current educational policy 2009, which is about to be launched by the federal government and would then be implemented by the provincial governments, has some basic flaws in it. The greatest dilemma of our country is lack of mobilization of the masses in the articulation of such important policies. The people of Pakistan, for whom these policies are made, are usually unaware of the philosophy behind any policy. Little surprise then that same is the case of the upcoming educational policy which was designed under the military dictator whose other policies had also been rejected by the masses. One of the basic flaws in this policy is the lack of due attention given to the 'special education'. This is an area that has always been ignored by our policy makers. Solid steps should be taken by our government to make sure this fraction of our society is brought in the main stream of our nation. Another important shortcoming in the policy is replacement of the compulsory subject of Pakistan Studies with an elective one while a chapter in Islamic studies has also been dropped. -DR ANAAB GUL MARWAT, Karachi, via e-mail, April 19.