When President Zardari got the Nizam-e-Adal Regulation passed from the parliament and ordered its implementation, the people of Swat had their first moment of relief after long trails of blood and tears. The sophisticated sahibs and society begums that are crying hoarse now about "blood being spilled in Swat" had kept quiet through out the period when half a million people were running away from their homes in terror. Now that the peace has returned to the valley, it is silly of these people to complain. They would rather that we use F-16s and Cobra gunship helicopters on our own people to please America and earn dollars in lieu of their corpses. I congratulate President Zardari and ANP government of Asfandayar Wali to have acted in the interest of the people of Swat. The deal has definitely stopped bloodshed here and people are now going about their business and children to schools and colleges. Although the deal has opened up many disturbing questions, including why a well-trained, professional army has failed to tackle the insurgency here, that issue can be addressed later. Perhaps, a public inquiry could be conducted by the Supreme Court or the Parliament, to ascertain the causes for this failure. -DR KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, Pakistan, via e-mail, April 20.