LAHORE –Peace Pacts not the war strategy against Taliban and other insurgents can win war on terror being fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan for more than a decade. The main reason behind the Nawaz-Musharruf conflict was Kargil War and the then take over of Gen Parvez Musharuf was a great mistake.

These views were expressed by former Governor Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa Lt Gen (r) Ali Jan Muhammad Orakzai in his first interview with The Family Magazine. The former Governor said that “We signed a peace pact with Mujahideen and received a hot world wide criticism on it” adding “I denied any bombardment on our country men”.

Ali Jan further said that  even in a meeting with President Bush “I stood on ground regarding my stance on making peace pacts with Taliban saying the US military operation against Al Qaeda was a mistake that could lead you no where”.

“The only way to force the people was to initiate a dialogue with them”, I reiterated. He said Hamid Karzai was against my proposal and the US ruling elite rejected my proposal.

He said that the peace Pact with Taliban was broken on the happening of Lal Masjid operation in 2007.  Talking on Kargil Issue, he said, “India by writing a book on the issue made Pakistan responsible”. He said the GHQ was involved in the Kargil war.