The prestigious “SCIENCE” Journal of 23rd March, 2012 has reported that all manner energy-related fluid injection – including deep disposal of fracking wastewater like extraction of methane gas from coal beds is in fact setting off disturbingly strong earthquakes. These quakes of magnitudes 4 and 5 are shutting down clear energy projects and prompting a flurry of new regulations across USA. Researches have known for decades that deep, high-pressure fluid injection can trigger sizeable earthquakes. As researchers link cause and effect in recent cases of triggered seismic activity they are learning more. It is of concern that we in our dream of producing thousands of megawatts of energy from the coal beds in Thar may not be ignoring the effect on generating earthquakes in the area. There is a trend in our country that in the craze of following a new idea we tend to ignore at our own risk the adverse effects on the environment due to lack of knowledge of all aspects of coal gas extraction from deep coal beds. The gullible public runs like mad after such projects ignoring other clean energy projects like mega dams that not only generate clean power but provide precious water for our agriculture and industrial purposes. There ought to be a thorough appraisal of coal gas projects so that we may not be caught up in making our earthquakes in the surroundings areas.


Lahore, May 4.