RAWALPINDI – College of Physician and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) has been working hard for last 50 years to impart higher medical education in the country. The college has a very rich heritage of producing outstanding medical specialists that is why more than 18,000 specialists, who had got degree from CPSP, are serving in different fields of medical across the country.

These views were expressed by CPSP Vice Presidents Prof Dr Shohaib Shafi and Prof Abdul Sattar Memon at a press conference held in connection with golden jubilee of CPSP here at a local hotel on Friday.  Addressing the participants, the CPSP VP said that the college has been the premier intuition on not only in the country but also enjoyed a good repute on international level. They informed that more than 14000 doctors were getting training or education in 141 hospitals of the country to obtain the degree in 63 departments from CPSP adding that a total of 2500 well-qualified professors were deputed to impart quality education to the postgraduates.   

The CPSP degrees were acknowledged also on international level and it was a matter of pride for Pakistan, they added. The fellows of CPSP were also serving the hospitals of Gulf. “The degree of FCPS is considered as number 1 in Saudi Arabia” they stated.

CPSP VPs Prof Shohaib Shafi and Prof Dr Abdul Sattar Memon said that as part of golden jubilee celebrations, conferences and seminars would also be held at Karachi, Peshawar and Queeta in upcoming days.