KARACHI - Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry delegation led by President Usman Ahmed and Secretary General Abdur Rehman Ismail met KESC officials at head office to discuss the issues related to new connection and infrastructure in the area.

BQATI apprised KESC that industries in Bin Qasim Industrial Zone should be facilitated getting new connection and KESC should develop their infrastructure as new industries are coming in this industrial zone. At moment industries are getting higher estimates for new connection which are not feasible for them, KESC should work out plan to reduce the estimate cost.

Muhammed Idrees Head of new connection KESC, was of the view that the KESC has upgraded their system and doubled the capacity in Bin Qasim Zone, connections provided to pending applications during the preceding month in the area, however KESC planning to upgrade its infrastructure in the area on the basis of future load requirement.