KARACHI – Sindh Minister for Information and Power Shazia Marri on Friday refuted the allegations of PML-F lawmaker Imtiaz Sheikh, contending that his accusations were false.“I am amazed at the allegations about using derogatory remarks against Shah Mardan Shah-11,” asserted Marri. She said that there were differences in political ideologies and histories of the parties, but that had nothing to do with respect. "It is sad that how an individual has been trying to create a rift between the two parties that had reconciled for the greater cause of the country's political stability.”.In an official statement, Marri, while referring to the Sindh Assembly’s proceedings of April 27, said the House was adjourned in the wake of disturbance caused by an MPA from the PML-F. She said that after the sitting of the session, two female legislators of the PML-F spoke to the media on the rostrum placed outside the assembly building. “They criticised PPP lawmakers, particularly those t at the helm in Law and Education departments.” Marri said that when she spoke after the detailed bashing-cum-briefing of the two honourable members, she kept herself away from countering any of their criticism, and focused on national political situation instead. She further said that she only replied to the two MPAs when a question was raised regarding their criticism and that too for a brief time, since she had spoken at length on other issues. Marri said she had talked about past practices of politicians who teamed up with agencies or generals. “I did not use any bad language for Pir Sahib Pagara. Before making such a fake story, it should have been thought over twice,” she said, and added, “Perhaps, one's own incompetence to deliver and perform lead to such a plan.” "I again apologise to Pir Sahib Pagara, although it was just a misunderstanding.” Marri said the Pakistan People’s Party was firm in its commitment of political reconciliation since it was envisioned by Benazir Bhutto and being carried forward by PPP Co-Chairman President Asif Ali Zardari. She said that President Zardari's patience was exemplary and he was taking all the unjustified criticism with a smile. She said the present government and its coalition partners were striving hard for a sustained democracy in the country, but unfortunately, Nawaz Sharif was bent upon repeating his mistakes of 2007, when Charter of Democracy was being signed. She said that it was sad how the Nawaz-League was trying to make the Supreme Court look partial by giving their own judgements on the short order regarding the prime minister and had forgotten how they attacked the same forum in 1997. "Nawaz Sharif should not expect us to follow the Sharif Court and wait for the complete order as stated by all the forums," averred Marri as she declared that “the prime minister could not be disqualified”.