ISLAMABAD - Despite the continuing protest of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) lawmakers and noisy scenes in the National Assembly, the government Friday managed to pass a bill on the National Commission for Human Rights.

According to the statement of objects and reasons of ‘The National Commission for Human Rights Bill‚ 2012’, the formation of commission will not only fulfil the international obligation of establishment of such a body but it shall also serve as a driving force for negating the propaganda of human rights violations in Pakistan.

According to article 15 of the bill with regard to procedure with respect to intelligence agencies, 'notwithstanding anything contained in this act, the functions of the commission do not include inquiring into the act or practice of intelligence agencies, and where a complaint is made to the commission alleging that an act of such an agency is in consistent with or contrary to any human right, the commission shall refer the complaint to the competent authority concerned'.

As per article 14, the commission shall adopt the procedure with respect to armed forces including it may either on its motion or on receipt of petition, seek a report from the federal government on complaint or violation. After the receipt of the report it may either not proceed with the complaint or, as the case may be, make its recommendation to the federal government, says article 14 of the bill.

The bill was pushed through the house during the session which lasted only 30 minutes.

The BBC says the commission will enjoy the powers of taking action against the human rights violators.

The National Assembly had earlier passed the bill, but it repeated the exercise again after the Senate approved the same with some amendments and it was returned to the Lower House for another consideration.

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Human Rights Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar told BBC that the article 14 and 15 of the bill were related to the armed forces and spy agencies, which made them answerable in case of a human rights abuse in any part of the country. The commission would be authorised to take action against the military personnel in case of committing any violation of human rights, he added.

The power enjoyed by the commission is very important given the hundreds of cases pertaining to the missing persons, in which security personnel have been accused of whisking away citizens without any formal charges.

Khokhar said a retired Supreme Court judge or a person eligible to become a judge of apex court would head the commission, adding that one member each from the four provinces and the federal capital would be taken as a member of the top body constituted to protect individual freedom in the country.

He further said that a parliamentary committee, consisting of government and opposition members and announced by the National Assembly speaker, would decide about these representatives.

Staff reporter adds: The house offered fateha for those killed in the latest Bajaur suicide attack. The 41st session of the National Assembly during the almost two-week-long proceeding has so far failed to make consensus to initiate formal debate on the Bhoja Airline crash tragedy.

The other six points on the Friday’s agenda too were not taken up. Even the PML-N's own resolution regarding formation of new provinces could not be discussed due to their protests and chants of 'Go Gilani go'.