LAHORE – The Punjab Law Department has issued Gazette notification of the Punjab Environmental Protection (Amendment) Act 2012 after the Punjab Governor refused to assent the bill within the stipulated period of ten day.

As per the new act, the government will establish a council to be known as the Punjab Environmental Protection Council consisting of CM or such other person as nominated by him while minister in-charge of Environment Protection Department will be the vice chairperson. The government may also appoint 35 persons out of which 25 will be non-official including at least three members of Punjab Assembly, five representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and one or more representatives of the Chambers of Agriculture.  In the said Act, the fine amount to the industries and other units has been increased from one million to Rs 5 million while the daily fine has been increased from Rs 10,0000 to Rs 50,0000.

In the said Act, no suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings will lie against the government, the council, and the provincial agency.